Monday, 30 June 2014

It’s Easy for College Students to Get Cheap Car Insurance with Permitted and Informal Quotes

If someone is leaving home for university or college, then car insurance will not be at the top of his 'to do' list. But getting the right cover for his car could save him a lot of money, and may help his student loan go further. Best car insurance rates for college students will be expensive, so here they can look at the cover that's available and some tips which could help them save money.

Quite simply, such new type of insurance policy program rewards safe driving; it gives him some control over what he pays for his insurance. GPS technology shows how his car is driven, and factors like braking speed and cornering are calculated to give him a driving score. He can earn discounts on his premium if he gets a good score for driving cautiously.

Leaving to become a student could be the point where anyone switches from being insured as an extra driver of a parent's car to insuring his own car. The insurers of his parent's car may not wish to continue giving cheapest car insurance for students in college, if he takes their car with him to college. If instead he wants his own car he will need to insure it himself.

Once he has his own insurance policy cover his goal should be to get a no-claims discount on new car student insurance. By sensible driving; following the Highway Code and keeping within the speed limit; he can avoid making claims, which could earn a reduction in his premium when he renews his policy.

Keeping his car off the roadside at night, or better in a locked garage, could contribute to a lesser premium. If he has to park on the street outside his student accommodation, then he must park in a well-lit area and do not leave any costly product in the vehicle that can attract thieves.

If he is living off campus in any area where he is concerned about car theft, it will be worth installing extra security devices to him car. Insurance companies can give him advice; tracking devices and immobilizers are likely to give a discount on his cheap car insurance for your teenager in college. For more information please visit

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